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320 Main Jet For Most Bikes 376 389 622 626 928 930 932 , Amal

  • $9.99

Brand new Amal 320 main jet. This is a true Amal jet with the Amal stamp. Please do not buy one without it, the tolerances are very important and strict-they are very hard to copy. This jet works for all concentric and monoblocs 376 389 928 930, 932, 622 and 626 AMAL carbs that have a screw in pilot jet. Be careful to follow your parts manual for jetting specifications. If you know its time to take that carb apart and rebuild it you should replace your needle jet. If your bike is running very rich this is probably the reason. Your concentric carb runs primarily off the needle jet and is subject to wear from the pulsing of the intake. We recommend factory settings of all carbs for street condition. While you have the carb apart you may want to use a gasket kit or a rebuild kit depending on the condition of your carbs. You will also want to check the play in your carb slide. A  worn carb slide will cause erratic idle and the bike to shut down at idle. We have anything you need for your Amal carbs and we will combine shipping on any of our items.