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Cut Slide # 3.5 Amal 928 930 932 Concentric-Premier, Aluminum and Anodized

  • $52.95

One brand new Amal premier #3.5 slide.  This is a true Amal slide with the Amal stamp.  It is Aluminum instead of pot metal and has been anodized for surface hardening. When your slide is word your idle becomes erratic and hard to set. It can also cause the bike to stall at a stop. While you have the carb apart you may want to use a gasket kit or a rebuild kit depending on the condition of your carbs. Also, you should change your needle jet if you have not done so, this is a significant oversight when rebuilding carbs. The needle jet is subject to wear and causes the bike to run more and more rich. If you have any questions please contact us, we offer free technical anytime.