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Primary Chain Adjuster Tool All Unit Models 1963-82 500 650 750

  • $10.95

New primary chain adjuster, fits Triumph unit twin 750 650 500-all models. If you are rebuilding your clutch, there are a few things you will need to check and possibly replace. The inner grooves of the chain wheel, if they are really notched, can cause serious drag and usually need to be replaced. The grooves of the rebound unit should be checked as well. Check the bonded clutch plates for maximum wear-if each plate is worn more than .020 than it is time to replace those as well. You will also want a new primary gasket when putting it back together. We sell everything you need to do your primary, if you dont see what you need in our store please email-we can get yo what you need. There is a lot involved in rebuilding a primary and clutch, we offer free technical advice anytime and are happy to help.