Fully restored at Don Hutchinson Cycles in Wakefield, MA, completed in 2009 and put into a private collection since. Accompanied by full documentation, relevant publications of the time and complete tool kit as well as many special tools.The 1966 T120R (R for ‘roadster’) was a completely upgraded machine from the previous year model, and the first with the new-look ‘eyebrow’ Triumph badge on the tank. Triumph improved its machines annually, adding modifications for increased reliability, power, smoothness, and handling each year, as the factory testing department did its work. The 1966 chassis looked identical to the previous year, but had a more relaxed 62-degree steering head angle for better highway cruising and a wider swingarm for fatter tires. Changes inside the motor like a lighter flywheel, hotter cams, bigger carbs (1-3/16-inch Monoblocs), and pancake air filters as standard meant more power and a smoother motor. Reliability was added with revised oilways inside the motor, especially to the camshafts, and a larger drive-side main bearing, now a 1-1/8-inch wide shouldered roller bearing. The electric system was upgraded with a 12V alternator, so the lights had a chance of keeping up with the speed potential of this two-wheeled hotrod. For sale by Dan Kovacevic, $17,500 or B/O.For additional information/pictures email:[email protected]